FogNetSim++: A toolkit to simulate distributed fog environment

Our focus

FogNetSim++: Our main focus is on the following features
Mobility Modules

FogNetSim++ supports a number of mobility modules which include StationaryMobility, CircularMobility, and RanomMobility.

Safe Handover

FogNetSim++ proposes a mechanism using which wireless nodes can safely perform the handover without loss of data while they moving.

Network Protocols

FogNetSim++ provides a number of network protocols whicj include MQTT, HTTP, CoAP, AMQP, TCP/IP, and UDP

Energy Modules

FogNetSim++ provides the facility of simulating energy. With energy module, researchers can simulate the energy generation, and energy consumption of the sensor nodes

What is FogNetSim++

A Toolkit to simulate distributd fog computing envirnment where researcher can simulate the mobility, safe handover, a number of protocols, and energy.

In this toolkit, we propose a new fog simulator called FogNetSim++provides users with detailed configuration options to simulate a large fog network. It enables researchers to incorporate customized mobility models, fog node scheduling algorithms, and manage handover mechanisms. In our evaluation setup, a traffic management system is evaluated to demonstrate the scalability and effectiveness of proposed simulator in terms of CPU, and memory usage. We have also benchmarked the network parameters such as execution delay, packet error rate, handovers, and latency.

  • Mobility
  • HandOver
  • Protocols
  • Energy

Our Team

Tariq Qayyum
Tariq Qayyum
National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan
Dr. Asad Waqar Malik
Assistant Professor- National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan
Dr. Muazzam A Khan Khattak
Senior Head of Department- National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan
Dr. Osman Khalid
Dr. Osman Khalid
North Dakota State University, USA
Dr. Samee U. Khan
Dr. Samee U. Khan
Lead Program Director (Cluster Lead) for the Computer Systems Research at the National Science Foundation, USA


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